In the most characteristic street of Trastevere, from 2012, the eighth Aristocampo offers a wide choice of tipically norcineria and sandwiches products. In a comfortable and historical place, until late all night, Aristocampo Trastevere is the optimal location for a typical roman meal which differs for high quality of raw materials, professionalism and availability. Aristocampo in Trastevere is a benchmark for tourists and local community.
You can choose from more than 40 different types of freshly made sandwiches prepared with high quality bread, meats and vegetables, sausages, burgers, lombo beef or chicken, hot dog. Our peculiarity: you can create your own sandwich, choosing your favorite ingredient and add cheese, vegatables or sauces. You can also enjoy the famous porchetta from Ariccia, and drink our finest wines.


Vicolo del Cinque – Trastevere Rome.
Info tel. 333 3271178


Open daily from 6.00 pm to 3.00 am.


The porchetta from Ariccia always fresh.

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